Untangling the Mind

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CHANCES ARE, YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A LIFE OF HAPPINESS, fulfillment, and meaning. I’M HERE TO HELP YOU OVERCOME SELF-SABOTAGING BEHAVIORS and get out of your own way SO YOU CAN step into the life you were meant to live!


Welcome to the Untangling the Mind Community!

What is Untangling the Mind?

Untangling the Mind is about understanding the forces in the mind that affect the day-to-day quality of your life. This is not about attaining supreme enlightenment or gaining spiritual powers. It’s about utilizing what we’ve learned from modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices in order to navigate the complexities and challenges of your life more skillfully.

It’s about remembering who you TRULY are. A being of integrity, courage, and wisdom. It’s about doing the work on the inside, so you can be a force of change on the outside. It’s about getting you fit for service.

Who are we?

We are a global community of leaders, change-makers, practitioners, and seekers who desire to live more skillfully, and in a way that brings more peace, wisdom, and connection into the world.


The work we do

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My mission on this planet is to help you break through fear, addiction, and self-sabotage so you can live a life of integrity, joy, and service.



About Me


I’m Jeremy, a high-performance mindfulness coach, and founder of Untangling the Mind. I’m a former Duke University geneticist, and I've also spent time as a Buddhist monk in Burma. I’ve been teaching meditation for the last 8 years, and currently lead silent meditation (vipassana) retreats in Thailand. I also do 1:1 coaching with high-performers, and teach emotional intelligence to organizations through the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

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