I’m here to help you overcome self-sabotaging behaviors so you can craft a life of happiness and genuine inner fulfillment


You crave a life of integrity, courage, and self-respect, but you keep getting stuck in bad habits…

My mission in this planet is to help guys break through fear and bad habits so they can tap into their true power and be a man of courage, love, and self-respect.



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My story of transformation…

I overcame porn addiction, shame, self-judgement, and depression in my early twenties with the help of mindfulness meditation and ancient wisdom practices, which not only helped me let go of destructive behaviors, but also allowed me to connect with deeper meaning and purpose in my life.

For the past 7 years I’ve has been teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices at universities, recovery centers, and companies throughout Asia and the US. I was a fully-ordained Buddhist monk in Myanmar, and also a former Duke University scientist.

I am currently a certified teacher with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program initially developed at Google.


If you master your mind, you can achieve greatness